Joseph The Dreamer: The 30 year journey

By Audie Gemora

JOSEPH THE DREAMER is Trumpets’ longest running musical. It debuted in 1989 and had many re-runs over the decades. In 1999, Gary Valenciano brought pure energy and star power to the title role.  Twenty years later, we set into motion a revival of Joseph the Dreamer for the new generation, this time starring Sam Concepcion. It ran early 2020 and was actually the last production to have had a run before the lockdown.

After two long years of no live shows, Trumpets took a leap of faith by staging a come-back of Joseph the Dreamer this July, hoping it would be the first musical to run post pandemic and pave the way for the return of live shows.

We were all set to open when what we feared the most, happened. Some of the cast members tested positive for COVID-19. To keep everyone safe, especially the audience, we postponed the opening weekend and then waited out the following week to see how the situation would play out.

Other theater groups had their eyes keenly set on us. Our production team did an awesome job setting even more protective COVID protocols and tracking everybody’s health daily.

Trumpets, being a Christian theater company, did what we are accustomed to doing — coming before God and laying the situation at His feet. After three days, the sick began to heal. One by one their tests turned negative, and in just a week, the cast was back on its feet.

On July 22, one week after we postponed the opening, wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles, Joseph the Dreamer opened! The energy was through the roof! The audience loved the show. Most of all, Gary Valenciano who plays Jacob to Sam Concepcion’s Joseph, prayed for everyone in Maybank Theater. Historically, Joseph the Dreamer always played during troubled times or at the heels of a natural calamity. This time is no different. It is a show that God uses to speak to people and give them hope.

As the opening song says “Praise His name and see it happen, let the power of God become alive in your life, just praise the Lord, praise the Lord sing Hallelujah Hallelujah!”

Joseph the  Dreamer runs till Aug. 7 at the Maybank Theater, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

Audie Gemora is one of the founders of Trumpets, Inc.