JobStreet to offer 24,000 gov’t positions at virtual job fair

Image courtesy of JobStreet.

More than 24,000 job vacancies at 160 government agencies will be offered at the Virtual Career Fair (VCF) organized by online job search portal JobStreet in partnership with the Civil Service Commission (CSC). The fair will take place from Sept. 20 to 24.

“We’re in a much better position than last year and it’s timely that we go ahead with this. The pandemic will still be here for the next couple of years. Unfortunately, we have to live in a world where it is part of our daily grind,” said Philip A. Gioca, JobStreet country manager, at a press briefing.

According to the Department of Labor and Employment (DoLE), around 90,000 workers were affected by the recent enhanced community quarantine.

The second edition of VCF will provide opportunities in education, administrative work, healthcare, security, and general work all over the Philippines.

JobStreet also launched Career Tools, which guides job seekers through the job application process.

The interview practice tool suggests commonly asked interview questions, offers tips, and allows people to record themselves practicing. There are also tools for creating resumes and cover letters.

The salary calculator, on the other hand, estimates take-home pay for any given job.

“When this was launched a few weeks back, it was so popular among job seekers that the tool crashed on day one,” said Ryan C. Tordesillas, senior sales manager for JobStreet’s small and medium enterprise (SME) segment.

Finally, the career development planner assists job seekers with plotting their career path.

“Why can’t job seekers plan more for their careers, the same way they plan for a trip? Do they actually take a step back and plan for their career?” said Mr. Tordesillas. “This development plan helps job seekers take a step back and reflect and ask the right questions.” — Bronte H. Lacsamana